The Timeless Classics: 70's styling & trends (by Rachel)

-by Rachel Walters-
SS11: The Timeless Classics
70s styling & trends

There is something to be said about the unique shops, both high street boutiques and a smattering of vintage selections found around Montreal’s trendy, Mile End. 
What we know in fashion and street styling that stands true is that in fact, what goes around comes around; this is a cyclical industry. 
One trend which dominated the runways this season is the 70s revival. We see prints, colour, longer hems, wider trousers and chunkier heels

Showing you that you can choose pieces that won’t break the bank, by mixing high end with friperie finds, you can put a few pieces together that will make you feel like the striking Bianca Jagger, demure Jane Birkin or cool Ali McGraw.

First stop was to Les Etoffes on the Main, you can find injections of Rag & Bone and Risto as well as marvel at their impressive interior and and displays.

As an especially big shoe nut, the retro-inspired heels, brogues, and sandals were perfectly on show drawing on the 70s use of crackled and worn leathers, punches of neutrals amongst tangerine and blood reds.
The knits could have been worn by Ms. Faye Dunaway herself (in her hayday), a mixture of chiffon silk shoulders, heavy cashmere knits all tied with a caramel leather-cinching waist. These fabulous boots were what drew me into the store in the first place. Go figure.

Finally, as a rule of thumb: any store that displays the following is worth checking out, a bit of Eno and a leopard fur pillbox hat? Yes please.

At local 23, a fabulous vintage and exchange store on Bernard Ave., there were a number of pieces that really drew on the 70s influence and it’s comeback to 2011. 
Don’t be afraid of prints; polka dots dominated the runways at Giles, Marc Jacobs and Moschino in big and bold and it helps you to really inspire your inner Liza, just add some sparkle for a night on the town.

Below-the-knee skirts are back with this trend, so don’t be afraid to mix and match with bright colours and a fabulous shoe, keep it ladylike or for a more androgynous 70s à la Twiggy pair with a chunkier boot. Turn to brands like Burberry Prorsum or Dries Van Noten for inspiration.

I picked up this fitted lemon yellow (obviously) exaggerated shoulder blazer, edging on 80s, sure, but pair that with a cropped, tailored trouser and killer footwear, I’ll be my own version of Anjelica Huston in no time.

Finally Arterie down the street is having their own 70s fashion moment (as well as amazing footwear sale), I mean come on, could these be any more Farah
Add high waisted -but flattering- denim, a fabulous knit top with perhaps a fur gilet thrown on, you’re on your way to capturing the essence that is 1970s fashion. 
Not only that, but these beauties are vegan! 

Perfection, just avoid that disco dust when you’re out experimenting in your new look for SS11.

Photo: Elise Lecomte

MUA- Hélène Rocray

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